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What the Heck Happened to the Magnet Industry?
By Walter T. Benecki
Thirty years ago, the US permanentmagnet industry was flourishing and full of excitement. A new exciting magnet material had just been announced and everyone was energized with anticipated growth opportunities for the industry. Some magnet producers were lining up to pay millions of dollars for the rights to manufacture sintered NdFeB magnets! Dozens of magnet producers and distributors were enjoying a vibrant and profitable business environment. But today’s permanent magnet industry has changed remarkably. <read more>


Small Ball

A Column by Dr. Stan Trout | Spontaneous Materials

Small Ball is a managerial strategy used in the game of baseball. Fundamentally, it concedes that in some circumstances big plays, such as home runs are unlikely, and instead focuses on taking a series of smaller steps in an effort to score just a few runs and ultimately win the game. In Small Ball, singles, walks, sacrifice flies, bunts, etc. are the main ingredients for success. Maybe one run scores in an inning, maybe not. However, under the right circumstances, this strategy can be very effective. In short, Small Ball relies on skill, finesse and resourcefulness, rather than brute force to be successful. <read more>


Research & Development


What is the Future of Cool? Science Community Discusses the State of Magnetic Cooling Technology
The household refrigerator, sitting in the corner of virtually every US kitchen, has been essentially the same for almost 100 years; air-conditioning, based on the same technology, almost 75 years. <read more>


Muon g-2 Magnet Successfully Cooled Down and Powered Up
Two years ago, scientists on the Muon g-2 experiment successfully brought a fragile, expensive and complex 17-ton electromagnet on a 3,200-mile land and sea trek from DOE’s Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois. <read more>




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Blog Contributors Needed for 2016

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  New Products

New Package Option for Two-Wire, Unipolar, Hall-Effect Switch Family
Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has announced a new package option for their A115x (A1152, A1153, A1156, and A1157) family of two-wire, unipolar, Hall-effect switches, which are factory-trimmed to optimize magnetic switchpoint accuracy. <read more>


Multiphysics Software Speeds Resolution of Design Problems
A powerful new version of the Cobham Opera electromagnetic and multiphysics design software has been launched. <read more>


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  Industry News

Emerging Opportunities in Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market 2010-2019
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Emerging Opportunities in Direct Drive Wind Turbine Market Globally (2010-2019): Breakdown by Technology, Geography, Product and Market Share Analysis” report to their offering.
<read more>


Global MRI Market Report 2015 – Growth, Trends and Forecasts to 2019 for the $7 Billion Industry
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Global MRI Market – Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2014 – 2019)” report to their offering. <read more>


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Magnetics 2016 Announces Conference Program

Register by November 19th for the Discounted Early-Bird Rate of $795


Magnetics 2016 will focus on the latest advancements in magnetic applications, technology and materials. Serving OEM developers of products that utilize magnets and magnet systems, design engineers, OEM developers involved in EMC technology and magnetic effects, magnetics manufacturers and integrators, and material suppliers in the magnetics industry.


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