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Bonded Magnets: A Versatile Class of Permanent Magnets
By Dr. John Ormerod, Senior Technology Advisor | Magnet Applications, Inc., A Bunting Magnetics Company
Permanent magnets are ubiquitous in modern societies. Devices that use permanent magnets include motors, sensors, actuators and acoustic transducers. These are used in home appliances, speakers, office automation equipment, aerospace, wind turbine generators, medical laboratory diagnostic test equipment and more. It is estimated, for example, that a typical automobile uses up to 120 permanent magnets in windshield wipers, starter motors, seat adjusters, door lock actuators, fuel pumps, sensors and gauges. The development of hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle drive technologies has been greatly enhanced by the availability of high performance magnetic materials. <read more>




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Tips for Choosing a Hall Probe for Your Application
Choosing the right Hall probe for your Hall effect gaussmeter application is a crucial decision. Using the improper probe could lead to less than optimal accuracy or, even worse, costly damage. Lake Shore probes are factory calibrated for accuracy and interchangeability. Our experts can recommend or custom design a probe that will ensure the greatest accuracy for your application.

Some tips for choosing a Hall probe include:

  • Do not select a probe with more accuracy, field range, or fragility than is actually needed.

  • The thinner a probe, the more fragile it is. Don’t choose an easily damaged probe based on a possible, but not required, future application.

  • Choose a metal-enclosed probe or brass transverse probe when practical; these offer protection to the Hall sensor.

  • For AC magnetic field measurements, a probe with a stem made of fiberglass epoxy material will generally ensure the greatest accuracy. 

  • Probe stem length is typically chosen based on user preference or test set-up dimensions. Stem length does not affect performance. 

  • When measuring magnetic fields with a high gradient across the sensor width, select a probe with the smallest active area practical.

  • See our Hall probe selection guide to learn more.

Lake Shore Hall probes are compatible with our versatile benchtop and handheld Hall effect gaussmeters, which allow for both AC and DC magnetic field measurement in a variety of research and industrial applications.


Articles Needed for MB&T's Winter / Resource Guide Issue

Magnetics Business & Technology magazine is looking for contributed articles, application profiles, case studies and white papers for our Winter 2015 / Resource Guide Issue. We are seeking industry experts to contribute articles on Magnetic Applications for Renewable Energy.  We are also looking for Technical articles on EMI/EMC and Medical Applications.  The articles should be technology- or application-based, and not product-based. If your company is interested in getting featured in our next issue, please pick one of these topics and submit a short abstract outlining what the article would cover, the title and the author. 


The deadline for article abstracts is Wednesday, July 24th.
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  New Products

New Magnetic Ce Alloy Could Replace Costly Element
Scientists at DOE’s Ames Laboratory have created a new magnetic alloy that may be a lower-cost potential replacement for high-performance permanent magnets found in wind turbines and car engines. <read more>


New CMI Process Recycles Magnets from Factory Floor
A new recycling method developed by scientists at the Critical Materials Institute, a US Department of Energy Innovation Hub led by the Ames Laboratory, recovers valuable rare-earth magnetic material from manufacturing waste and creates useful magnets out of it. <read more>


Infolytica Releases Update to MagNet for SOLIDWORKS
Infolytica Corp. has announced the release of their latest MagNet for SOLIDWORKS update, the company’s electromagnetic field simulation add-in to the 3D CAD package. <read more>


New High-Performance Hall Effect Sensor ICs for Automotive Applications
Seiko Instruments, Inc. has announced the release of the S-57P1 series of bipolar latch type hall effect sensor ICs that is suited for automotive applications requiring high performance, reliability and accuracy. <read more>


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  Industry News

China Rare Earth Industry Report, 2014-2018
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "China Rare Earth Industry Report, 2014-2018" report to their offering. <read more>


Use of Ferrite PMs Will Boost the Global PM Motor Market Through 2019
Technavio has published a new report on the global permanent magnet motor market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 11 percent from 2015 to 2019. <read more>


NEMA Publishes Supplement for Round Film-Insulated Magnet Wire
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published Supplement to ANSI/NEMA MW 1000 Reference Requirements for Round Film-insulated Magnet Wire. <read more>


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Magnetics 2016: New Sessions Announced / Speaking Slots Still Available

Magnetics 2016 will focus on the latest advancements in magnetic applications, technology and materials. Serving OEM developers of products that utilize magnets and magnet systems, design engineers, OEM developers involved in EMC technology and magnetic effects, magnetics manufacturers and integrators, and material suppliers in the magnetics industry. There's still time to get your company on the program, submit your abstract by July 23rd for consideration.


Program Sessions Include:

  • Design Trade-Offs and Challenges in Resonant Inductive Wireless Power Transfer Systems – Texas Instruments’ Kilby Laboratories

  • The Economic Manufacturability of Rotor Magnets and Assemblies – Pacific PAC Technologies, Inc.

  • Advances in Powder Metal Technology for High-Performance Soft Magnetic Applications - NetShape Technologies

  • Tailoring of Pole Shapes of Multipolar Injection Molded Permanent Magnets - Max Baermann GmbH

  • What Licensing Means (and Doesn't Mean) for Sintered NdFeB Manufacturers and Users – MagnetoDynamics

  • Integrating Magnetic Field Mapping, Crack Detection and Coordinates Measurement - SENIS AG

  • Comparison of Permanent Magnets for Different Applications - Electron Energy Corp.

  • Bridging the Gap Between Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Hysteresis Measurement System for Permanent Magnets - Metis Instruments

  • Low Profile Embedded Magnetics - Radial Electronics

  • Application of Magnetic Measurement Technology in Development and Production of Electromagnetic Actuators – Kendrion

  • Bonded Magnets 2016: Current Status and Future Developments - Magnet Applications, Inc.

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Extended Call for Presentations Deadline: July 23rd


Submitting a Proposal: The basis of the proposal or the presentation may not be the promotion or marketing of a product. Proposals and submissions will be accepted only electronically by email. Send your proposal in the body of your email letter and include supporting material as attachments. All submission guidelines must be included for abstract consideration.


For more information on abstract requirements visit the website. Submit abstracts to Heather Williams.



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