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First-Order-Reversal-Curve Analysis of Multi-Phase Ferrite Magnets

By B. C. Dodrill, Senior Scientist • Lake Shore Cryotronics

Magnetically hard ferrite powders are widely used, due to their low-cost production and good performance in many electronic devices such as electrical motors, speakers and recording media. Usually ferrites are single-phase magnets but when the stoichiometry is not precise or the fabrication process is not adequate, the ferritic phase may be accompanied by other phases that promote magnetic interactions, which results in a decrease of the magnetic performance of the magnet. <read more>


Guest Blog


Julie and Julia

By Dr. Stan Trout | Spontaneous Materials

Within the last few days, I submitted the first draft of a writing project. My task was to write a solutions manual for the second edition of Introduction to Magnetic Materials by B. D. Cullity and C. D. Graham. If you are like me, the first edition of this book was your gateway to magnetic materials, and perhaps a well-worn copy sits in your bookcase. In my case, not only do I have both editions of the book, I have the solutions I wrote as a graduate student in 1975, along with some additional comments from teaching with it in the intervening years. <read more>



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API Technologies Offers Current Transformers Technologies produces a broad range of magnetic devices, including a wide variety of transformers and custom application-specific solutions.  Our magnetics group is a key supplier to the world’s leading OEMs, serving military, aerospace, medical, telecom, transport, RF and industrial/test measurement markets and designs a broad range of custom application-specific solutions.
API's Current Transformers are ideal for ampmeters, wattmeters, relays and cross current compensation.  They measure electrical current by transforming current from high to low measurable values, and offer a wide primary current range of 3.5 to 800 amps.


Applications include advanced fault-tolerant computers and workstations, control panels reading current flowing to transformers, telecom and communications systems.  Available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns and loading resistor. Operating frequency is 20 Hz to 100 kHz. They are built to meet UL, MIL, VDE, CE specs and EMRL current transformers meet UL1244.


The engineering team at API will bring a wealth of experience to help you find the ideal magnetic product for your application.  We will help you find a standard part number or develop a custom solution using the design criteria you prefer, from construction to electrical and mechanical characteristics to circuit function.
API Technologies' commitment to quality begins with a rigorous raw material selection and inspection process and continues through highly trained operators utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.  The end result is the highest quality magnetics consistently manufactured to meet some of the industry's most stringent requirements including many MIL, ANSI and ISO certifications.

Contributed Articles Needed for MB&T's Summer 2015 Issue

Share Your Expertise. Magnetics Business & Technology is looking for knowledgeable professionals in the magnetics industry who’d like to contribute to an article for the Summer 2015 issue.


We are seeking industry experts to contribute Application articles on Magnetic Design & Modeling, and Test & Measurement.  We are also looking for Technical articles on Magnetic Components & Assemblies, Ferrites & Shielding Materials, and Magnetic Wire and Coil Winding.  The articles should be technology- or application-based, and not product-based. If your company is interested in getting featured in our next issue, please pick one of these topics and send a short abstract outlining what the article would cover, the title and the author. 


The deadline for article abstracts is Friday, March 27th.
Send article abstracts to Heather Williams.

  New Products

New Hall-Effect Speed/Direction Sensor IC with Hysteresis Detection
Allegro MicroSystems, LLC has introduced a new Hall-effect speed and direction sensor IC with hysteresis detection. <read more>


Wurth Electronics Presents SMD Air Coils for High-Frequency Applications
High-frequency applications, especially in the area of radio technology, require air coils with a particularly high Q-factor. <read more>


New Power Inductors for Switch Mode Power Supply Applications
Coilcraft’s new RFC Family of leaded power inductors offer a low-cost, high-efficiency option for power supply applications. <read more>


VCA Technology Enables Ultrasound Elastography
BEI Kimco Magnetics has risen to the challenge of meeting the demanding requirements for an ultrasound elastography application using voice coil actuator (VCA) technology. <read more>


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Test & Measurement | Research & Development


  Industry News

Join CST for a FREE Webinar on Low Frequency

The list of low-frequency applications is almost endless, with motors, sensors, transformers, switches, brakes and particle tubes all fitting under this description. Presented by CST’s Adrian Scott, this webinar will demonstrate the new features in CST STUDIO SUITE® 2015 for simulating and modeling these devices. Register now.


New Design Tool for Metamaterials
Metamaterials, artificial nanostructures engineered with electromagnetic properties not found in nature, offer tantalizing future prospects such as high resolution optical microscopes and superfast optical computers. <read more>


Bunting Magnetics Names Latin American Representative

Bunting Magnetics Co. has named Ventura Process Equipment Company as a representative in Latin America. <read more>


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Event Listings


Critical PowerCritical Power 2015, May 13-14, 2015 at the Milwaukee Convention Center, has announced its preliminary program. The conference and exhibition will highlight the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for industrial, facilities and emergency applications and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing, industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.


Participating companies include GE Critical Power, Doosan Fuel Cell America, Fairbanks Morse Engine, Active Power, Blue Pillar, Inc., Canara, Plug Power and Eaton.


Limited speaking slots are still available - Click here for details.





space Shenzhen (China) International Small Motor, Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials Exhibition

May 26-28, 2015

Shenzhen, China


The 13th Shenzhen (China) International Small Motor, Electric Machinery & Magnetic Materials Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre, China on 2015.5.26-28. This three-day event will focus on the motor and magnetic technology development and releasing the latest industry information to gather together the industry enterprises. 2015 Shenzhen International Summit on Small Motor Manufacturing and Application Technology and Magnetic Materials & Application Summit will also concurrently be held with the exhibition. Motor & magnetic expo, organized by industrial associations and professional exhibition company, has been held for 12 years in China and is well-known as the must-exhibit industrial event and the unique UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved exhibition for this industry. Many concurrent events are also held to exchange and share latest industrial information and developing tendency. About 350 companies and 12,000 visitors are expected to join the 2015 expo.

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