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White Paper



Closing of Underwater Oil Spills with Magnetic Material

Small magnets mixed with iron chunks inserted into an oil well stops the spill, much like plaque limits the passage of blood in arteries.

The recent Deepwater Horizon underwater oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has severe economic impacts for the Gulf coast States with thousands of jobs being lost and businesses wiped out. For the environment the spill constitutes an unprecedented disaster. Scientists fear that the volume of oil released into the ocean, the depth of the leak and the chemical dispersants that BP has used will combine to threaten a vast array of undersea life for many years. A similar disaster previously occurred in 1979 in the Gulf, when the Ixtoc-1 oil well got out of control, and more than nine months passed by, before the spill could be stopped. Given the large underwater oil reserves worldwide and the vast energy demand of our society, spills with devastating consequences are likely to occur again. To prevent this from happening, a technique is urgently needed that allows rapid closing of underwater oil wells that get out of control and can spill millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean per day. The required technique has to be absolutely reliable, preferentially low tech with little possibility of failure. Any time that can be saved in closing a spilling well or achieving a significant reduction in the oil spill, reduces the economic and environmental impact of such disasters.

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  Sponsored Announcement

Permanent Magnets 2010-2020: A Comprehensive Overview of the Global Permanent Magnet Industry
The report will be a bound book designed to be a resource for every sector of the Global Permanent Magnet Industry including producers, users, fabricators & distributors and industry suppliers.  It is a must have for anyone seeking to understand today's dynamics and planning for success in the ever-expanding Global Permanent Magnet Industry of tomorrow.


The authors (Walter Benecki, Walter T. Benecki LLC, Terry K. Clagett, WebMagnetics Inc. and Dr. Stanley Trout, Spontaneous Materials) have a combined involvement in the Global Permanent Magnet Industry totaling nearly 100 years.  Each author compliments the others, bringing a unique skill set and extensive experience in their individual area of expertise. This yields a first of its kind, comprehensive reference and resource.

Global Permanent Magnet Industry 2010-2020 will include more than 250 pages of useful data and information that will be essential for anyone involved in the Global Permanent Magnet Industry.  It will be a valuable resource for:

  • Strategic planning
  • Researching acquisitions, investments or divestments
  • Improving your overall "Magnet IQ"
  • Establishing or assuring a reliable magnet supply chain
  • Supplying goods and services to the industry

For a detailed outline click here. To order click here.

  New Products

mederMEDER electronic, Inc. MMS - 2.8mm Implantable MEMS Reed Sensors Need No Power

A new, ultra-small magnetically actuated reed sensor that requires no power and is designed for switching CMOS gates and other low power signal switching devices such as implantable medical pacemakers and insulin pumps is being introduced by MEDER electronic.


MEDER MMS Reed Sensors are magnetically actuated on/off sensors that feature no power draw and measure only L2.8 mm[0.110”]  x W2.05 mm [0.080”] x H1.2 mm [0.047"].  Designed for switching low power devices where size is critical, they are available with magnetic sensitivity ranges from 1-4 millitesla and are tested to withstand up to 15,000 G's shock from any direction.  Choose from 2 surface mount lead designs in a SPST-NO (Form A) version: lead design 1 (straight cut axial lead), and lead design 2 (Gull Wing).


Manufactured using semiconductor wafer technology, MEDER MMS Reed Sensors are supplied in tape and reel according to IEC 286/part 3, suitable for auto pick and place equipment. These SPST reed sensors have a switching voltage of 3 VDC max., with 109 insulation resistance across the contacts. These reed sensors are RoHS compliant.  Available today at Digi-Key Corporation.

austriaaustriamicrosystems’ Launches New 10-Bit Magnetic Rotary Encoder with Integrated Wake-Up and  Power-Down Feature
austriamicrosystems, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog ICs, has released the AS5050 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC for contactless position sensing with the low power and a small size. Featuring automatic power-down and wake-up modes, the AS5050 encoder is targeted for low-power applications such as robotics and is also suited for servo motor control and as an input device for low-cost battery operated devices.

The single-chip AS5050 integrates four Hall sensor elements, a 10-bit angle encoder, a smart power management controller and a three or four-wire SPI communications interface. Housed in a small 4 mm by 4 mm QFN-16 package, the low-power encoder is the smallest device in its class. Depending on the readout rate, the current consumption is reduced to µA levels. For example, 50 µA at 10 measurements per second is typical current drain.

Only a few passive components and a magnet rotating above the chip are necessary to assemble a contactless position measurement encoder system. The AS5050 magnetic rotary encoder performs all angle calculations on chip, features on-chip automatic wake-up and power-down, and only draws current when a new measurement is requested by the host controller. The AS5050 automatically powers down as soon as a measurement is completed.


“Thanks to its automatic shutdown and wake-up modes, the AS5050 is the industry’s lowest power 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder available and extends the time between charges for battery powered equipment. It also offers simple hook-up to common microcontrollers with an industry-standard SPI interface," said Andreas Pfingstl, product marketing manager at austriamicrosystems.

The AS5050 rotary encoder IC operates from a 3.3 volt power supply over an ambient operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

Sampling now, the price for the AS5050 10-bit rotary encoder is $ 2.84 in 1000-piece quantities.

Tektronix Introduces New Probes
Tektronix, Inc., a manufacturer of oscilloscopes, has introduced two additions to its TPP Series of passive voltage probes. The new TPP0850 and TPP0502 probes are well-suited to the needs of engineers tasked with developing more energy efficient power supplies and power semiconductors, offering the industry's lowest probe loading in a general purpose probe.


“Designers are increasingly being pressed to make their designs more energy efficient, leading to an emphasis on switch-mode power supplies and power semiconductors that minimize power loss,” said Roy Siegel, general manager, Mid-range Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “We continue to offer innovative solutions for our oscilloscopes, such as new probes and automated power measurement tools that help our customers meet the latest challenges, including the drive toward more energy efficient designs.”


The TPP0850 and TPP0502 probes extend the breakthrough TPP Series architecture of high bandwidth, general purpose probes. The TPP0850 offers a high bandwidth probe (800 MHz) for high voltage signals (up to 2500 Vpk-pk). This is suited for testing power semiconductors and switch-mode power supplies, which continue to increase in switching speed to minimize power loss, creating a need for faster rise time, higher bandwidth, and higher voltage probes. The TPP0850 meets this need and can be used with switching transistor circuits operating at 1200 VRMS, above the voltage operating range of standard general purpose probes. It will also be able to accommodate emerging power applications that will require even faster rise time capabilities.


The TPP0502 offers a high bandwidth (500 MHz) and low attenuation factor (2X) for making low voltage measurements such as ripple, a common measurement on the output of power supplies. The low capacitive loading of the TPP0502 means long ground leads can be used with minimal impact on measurement quality, providing today's engineer with the flexibility to move around their design without worrying about ground lead length.


Both the TPP0502 and TPP0850 offer smart communication with MSO/DPO5000 and MSO/DPO4000B series oscilloscopes through the TekVPI interface. This means the oscilloscope will automatically scale the display to match the attenuation factor of the probe to show the correct results. Furthermore, the built-in auto-compensation feature on the probes automatically compensates the probe-oscilloscope pathway to provide the most accurate measurement every time the probe is connected to the oscilloscope. Before now, engineers had to manually compensate their probes every time they moved the probe to a different channel on the oscilloscope or a different oscilloscope, a time consuming process.


The TPP0850 and TPP0502 probes will be generally available beginning in June. Pricing for the TPP0502 is $585 US MSRP and the TPP0850 is $750.

triadVPT Series Toroidal Power Transformers Offer Efficient Electronics Design Solution
Featuring up to 97.4 percent power efficiency and a highly efficient design using nearly 30 percent less material, the new VPT series Toroidal Power Transformers from Triad Magnetics provide an innovative green power electronics solution that is also smaller and lighter than traditional transformers.


Compared to conventional EI transformers, toroidal construction inherently helps reduce stray fields, increases efficiency and minimizes size. Triad's new transformers are constructed with a Class B, UL approved insulation system rated for 130°C that provides 4000 V primary to secondary isolation.


The highly efficient VPT series is suitable for a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial equipment. The transformers operate over a broad power range from 25 VA to 2.5 KVA, depending on the specific model selected. With dual primary and secondary windings, it allows for maximum flexibility of input and output voltages. The VPT Series features an input voltage of 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, and output voltage from 6.0 V through 230 V. Voltage regulation is up to 2.5 percent from full load to no load.


VPT series transformers are designed and manufactured under Triad’s ISO9001 quality assurance program. Thorough testing procedures assure that Triad products meet the most stringent global safety and environmental standards including UL, CE, RoHS and REACH. Agency files are available upon request.


The VPT series features a rugged, RoHS compliant toroidal construction in a package ranging in size from 71 to 208 mm diameter, a height range of 32 to 112 mm and weight range of 0.4 to 19.4 kg, depending on the specific model selected. The highest quality materials ensure improved performance and a long life.


VPT series transformers are simple to install out of the box, with mounting hardware included. Connections are 8 inches (200 mm) stranded UL 1015 lead wire with 0.25 inch (6 mm) stripped/tinned ends.


Depending on the model selected and the quantity ordered, the VPT series Transformers are priced starting at $12.00 each in quantities of 100 units with delivery from stock to eight weeks lead time.

infoInfolytica Corp. Releases MotorSolve v2.5
Infolytica Corp. has released the latest release of MotorSolve, the company’s electric machine design software. MotorSolve v2.5 has numerous improvements to the template modeling engine, results charts and the user interface in general. A new online documentation resource is also available with this release.


The improvements to the template library include a new interior/exterior wound rotor template. The template modeling engine used in MotorSolve has also been fine tuned, allowing for a more intuitive experience. All of the changes result in users being able to perform even more detailed analysis of their machine design.


Coinciding with this release of MotorSolve is the launch of LiveDocs for MotorSolve. In addition to the basic and general information available in the MotorSolve Help, the MotorSolve Live Docs provide in-depth information allowing one to gain better control and understanding of many MotorSolve's advanced features, such as: the variation geometry engine; sizing feature; stator windings; lumped parameter; fields and fields charts sample results; specific motor concepts are also discussed, such as general PWM and cogging torque.


MotorSolve v2.5 is now available for PC's running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7.

  Industry News

USMMA Calls for Rare Earth Strategic Reserve
Trade Collaboration Offers Complete, Competitive Mine-to-Magnets Capability to Counter Chinese Industry Dominance
The United States Magnetic Materials Association (USMMA), a trade association dedicated to restoring a secure rare earth supply-chain to support the domestic manufacturing of rare earth permanent magnets, has countered a recent study by the American Physical Society and Materials Research Society. In response, the USMMA is calling on the US Government to establish a strategic reserve of certain critical rare earth metals, alloys and magnets. This strategic stockpile would ensure our Department of Defense has ready access to those materials needed to ensure our national security and to incentivize the return of domestic manufacturing. With defense critical materials such as dysprosium being sourced solely from China, it is critical that the Department of Defense have access to rare earth oxides from reliable producers and manufacturers in the US and ally nations to perform value added processes, such as metal, alloy and magnet manufacturing.


As noted in the December 2010 Department of Energy Critical Materials Strategy, one means to counter Chinese rare earth dominance is a “Strategic Military Stockpile Program” that would include limited physical stockpiles used in conjunction with friendly nation agreements and long-term supply chain partnerships to provide assurances for military equipment manufacturers regarding material price and availability. This echoes an April 2009 report from the Defense National Stockpile calling for reconfiguration of the current stockpile using innovative methods of securing key materials such as buffer stocks, vendor-managed inventories and long-term supply agreements.


USMMA members believe that the US and its allied nations are fully capable of producing required critical materials, including rare earth metals, alloys and magnets, and that the US government can and should take immediate action to secure a supply of these materials that are critical to both economic and national security. In contrast to the American Physical Society and Materials Research Society study, USMMA asserts:

  1. Supply shortages are already present. With an estimated 2010 global demand of 160,000 metric tons of rare earth oxide and production of just 120,000 metric tons, the world already faces a severe deficit in the amount of non-Chinese material available. Compound that shortage with drastic reductions in Chinese export quotas and a September 2010 de facto embargo of Japan, and the shortage is real and becoming worse by the day.
  2. Ample information exists about the supply and market for these materials and both industry and the government are making plans to secure supplies of materials. With nearly $1 billion in private investment in mining and separation for rare earth production by the leading companies in the industry, supply of rare earth oxide outside of China is projected to increase by at least 11,000 metric tons by late 2011. Furthermore, the US government, including the Departments of Energy and Defense, is studying actions necessary to ensure the availability of secure supply-chains of rare earth materials.
  3. China has only about 34 percent of worldwide rare earth reserves but supplies 97 percent of the consumption. The US does not lack most of these elements in significant quantities. Recent US Geological Survey reports show that non-Chinese and US sources of supply comprise roughly half of global rare earth reserves. Those reserves could provide enough rare earth ore in the US to supply our domestic industry, if plans are executed to mine and separate those materials and to process them into the phosphors, metals, alloy and magnets needed by US industry.

USMMA believes that solutions to the rare earth issues we face are possible today, but focusing solely on research is only part of the answer to a problem that requires a comprehensive solution including all segments of the rare earth supply chain.


USMMA members are leading efforts to not only reinvigorate the mining and processing of rare earth elements into oxides, but also to convert those oxides into the metals, alloy and magnets needed to supply the domestic energy and defense markets.

Great Western Minerals Group Releases Red Wine Property Exploration Results
Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. (GWMG) has announced exploration results from the first phase drill program at the Red Wine property located in Labrador, Canada.


The exploration program was funded by Great Western Minerals Group as part of its option agreement whereby GWMG can earn a 50 percent working interest in the Red Wine property (See GWMG media release of April 12, 2010: Alterra Resources Inc. and Great West Minerals Group to Explore Labrador Rare Earth Property).

Highlights of the drill program were as follows:

  • Total Rare Earth Elements (TREE) / Total Rare Earth Oxides (TREO) values of 1.59 percent/1.92 percent over 4 meters; 1.12 percent/1.36 percent over 5.6 meters; 1.39 percent/1.68 percent over 4.3 meters;
  • Consistent Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) / Heavy Rare Earth Oxides (HREO) enrichment in all samples of between 35 percent and 40 percent;
  • Consistent Dysprosium (Dy) / Dy2O3 enrichment in all samples of between 3 percent and 4 percent by proportion;
  • Completed 1,906 meter NQ drilling program on the Red Wine Rare Earth Element (REE) property;
  • Additional drill holes planned for 2011; and
  • Three REE metallurgical/mineralogical samples have been collected.

“We are extremely pleased with this initial drill program on the Red Wine property,” said Jim Engdahl, president and CEO of GWMG. “In addition to encouraging grades over significant widths, both the Type 1 and Type 2 mineralization are enriched in Dysprosium, over 3 percent proportionately in all zones, with consistent total heavy rare earth proportions of 35 percent to 40 percent. As a manufacturer of permanent magnet alloys, GWMG prioritizes projects with the potential to produce Dysprosium as Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets require additions of Dysprosium for applications in motors and hybrid vehicles that are exposed to elevated temperatures. Dysprosium shortages are expected, according to our projections at GWMG, unless additional sources are discovered. Hence the Red Wine project results are very encouraging to GWMG.”

Advanced Magnet Lab Becomes COMSOL Certified Consultant
COMSOL, Inc., developer of the COMSOL Multiphysics modeling and simulation environment for scientists and engineers, has announced that Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc., (AML) has become a COMSOL Certified Consultant.


AML provides technology and expert services for the design and manufacture of advanced coils, magnets, and magnet systems for a broad variety of applications in such markets as energy, aerospace and defense, medical, and advanced research. AML offers its clients unique numerical analysis capabilities including multiphysics FEA, multi-objective optimization and dynamic analysis.


“We're delighted to partner with an industry leader such as Advanced Magnet Lab,” said Bernt Nilsson, senior VP of Marketing, COMSOL, Inc. “AML further extends the value of COMSOL's technologies to our growing base of customers working with advanced magnets. Magnets are used everywhere, and the internationally recognized expertise offered by AML enables us to better serve new product and new technology developers in such exciting fields as medical diagnostics and treatments, new energy storage and energy generation systems, and advanced aerospace and defense systems.”


“As a certified COMSOL Consultant, we are able to offer one-of-a-kind, specialized engineering, design, analysis, and optimization services to private, commercial, or governmental entities needing to solve the large-scale, multi-physics problems encountered in applied superconductivity, electromechanical, magnet and magnet systems,” said Dr. Philippe J. Masson, AML's Senior Research Scientist and frequent COMSOL Conference contributor.
In addition to design, analysis, and optimization, AML's application engineers can help clients take their concepts through the entire development, engineering, prototype testing, and manufacturing process.


“The combination of COMSOL Multiphysics and our 3D coil design software and automated construction processes enable rapid deployment of complex state-of-the-art magnets," said Mark Senti, AML's President.

MPI Hires Jack Smylie as Director of Sales and Marketing
Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), a provider of both magnetic and non-magnetic material handling solutions, has announced that it has hired Jack W. Smylie as director of sales and marketing to accommodate the company’s recent expansion and projected growth.
Smylie brings more than 20 years of leadership experience with several industrial manufacturers where he developed sales and marketing programs that broadened each firm’s market share. In his new role, Smylie will be responsible for brand promotion, sales growth, product development and expansion of MPI’s network of independent sales representatives.


“Jack is a serious business builder who brings great vision to MPI,” said Keith Rhodes, president, MPI. “He is a seasoned professional with extensive experience generating highly lucrative sales in business-to-business sales channels.  Leadership of our sales organization, which Jack brings, is critical to the continued growth of our company.”

Most recently, Smylie held the executive vice president position with Palziv North America, a manufacturer of crosslinked polyethylene foams, where he was responsible for sales growth, product planning, customer service programs, and other facets of brand promotion. “I am thrilled and very excited to become a part of the MPI organization,” Smylie stated. “The company’s inventive and unique approach to product development and ‘best-in-class’ partnerships offers significant value and opportunity for customers in a host of industries.”

Rare Earth Trade Group Elects Directors and Welcomes Rhodia, Inc. as Member
The Rare Earth Industry and Technology Association (REITA) has announced the organization’s new Board of Directors.  Elected to their positions by REITA’s members are: Dr. Steven Duclos of General Electric Global Research, Mark Smith, President and CEO of Molycorp Minerals and Timothy Wilson, CEO of Arnold Magnetic Technologies.
“The election of this board reflects the ongoing commitment of REITA to advocate for stakeholders throughout the value chains for Rare Earth technologies for Clean Energy,” said Keith Delaney, REITA’s Executive Director.
In addition to its board’s election, REITA also announced that Rhodia, Inc. has joined the association. “Our members and I are honored by the addition of Rhodia, Inc. to our consortium.  Rhodia’s deep understanding of Rare Earth chemistry, its history in the industry and its global reach adds significantly to the depth of expertise within the organization,” said Delaney.

theswitchMoventas and The Switch Provide Offshore Output in Onshore Size
Moventas, a wind gear manufacturer, and The Switch, a supplier of mega-watt class permanent magnet generators and full-power converter packages, have collaborated to develop a revolutionary power train solution for wind turbines.


The FusionDrive integrates a high-quality gear, traditionally the largest component in a turbine, manufactured by Moventas and a reliable permanent magnet generator by The Switch in an innovative way – together smaller in size and lighter in weight.


“The lower the nacelle weight, the more cost competitive the turbine. Nacelle weight relates directly to both foundation and construction costs of the turbine as well as manufacturing, transport and assembly costs in the whole supply chain,” said Jukka Jäämaa, Moventas CEO.


The integrated FusionDrive solution with perfect alignment between gear stages and generator, and an integrated lubrication system simplifies the nacelle structural design. The low number of bearings, low cogging torque and the construction with no current passage through bearings, slip-rings or rotor windings also contribute to the proven reliability of medium speed technology. FusionDrive is designed on a scalable platform that extends from 3 MW to offshore class.


“For wind park owners, reliability in practice means high availability and lower operation and maintenance costs. In addition, the FusionDrive guarantees optimized efficiency, even at partial loads,” said Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO of The Switch.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Advanced Technologies and Global Market (2010 - 2015)
Research and Markets has added the “Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) - Advanced Technologies and Global Market (2010 - 2015)” report to their offering.


The global MRI systems market is being boosted by technological advancements and the increasing number of MRI applications such as identification of multiple sclerosis. The global MRI market is expected to grow from $4,470.5 million in 2010 to $5,844.4 million in 2015, at an estimated CAGR of 5.5 percent from 2010 to 2015. Closed MRI systems commanded the largest share within MRI market, mainly due to the high clinical value delivered by the systems.


Installation of new MRI equipment reduced by 7.6 percent from 2008 to 2009 globally due to the economic recession and the saturation of the US and European markets. However, BRIC economies (Brazil, India, Russia, and China) registered 5.2 percent growth in the same period. This indicates the crucial growth strategies to be improved product offerings in the developed market and geographical expansion into emerging markets.



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cdMAGNETICS 2011: Conference Proceedings Now Available
If you were unable to attend MAGNETICS 2011, you can still stay up-to-date on the latest magnetic applications, technologies and materials.

For only $290 you can purchase the entire conference proceedings on CD-ROM, which includes:

  • PDFs of the slides to more than 20 presentations

  • Product and services information from exhibiting companies

  • Attendee Information
    (Name / Title / Company / City / State)

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carts2011CARTS USA 2011

March 28-31, 2011
Jacksonville, FL

CARTS USA provides component engineers and designers with the latest technical and market intelligence on capacitors, resistors and other passive components from the elite in the industry.  If passive components engineering and applications are your area of responsibility, this is the symposium for you.

sensorsSensors Expo & Conference

June 6-8, 2011
Rosemont, IL

Sensors Expo & Conference is the only industry event in North America exclusively focused on sensors and sensor integrated systems, providing over 25 years of technical innovation and thought leadership! The 2011 event will take place June 6-8 in Rosemont, IL, and will explore the most up-to-date innovations in sensor technology, including MEMS, energy harvesting, wireless, and more in both an in-depth conference program and a jam-packed exhibitor floor. PLUS – new event features for 2011 including MEMS Pavilion, MEMS Innovation Area, Energy Harvesting Pavilion, Technology Update Theater, and more! Register today at www.sensorsexpo.com and use code: 301H to save up to $400 with low Early Bird Rates!

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