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Magnet Materials and Their Properties

Magnet Materials, Their Composition, Applications and Technical Capabilities
Permanent, soft and electro-magnets are a vital part of everyday life. They are found in or used to produce almost every modern convenience today. Magnet channels and products continue to advance with the changing needs of the marketplace. Through the years, customer requirements have become more advanced, from the magnet distribution needs of the early 1950s to the custom permanent magnet machining required for today’s applications. Continue reading

R&D Results – The Development of a High Accuracy Multipole Strip Magnet for Non-Contact Linear and Rotary Position Measurement

By Dexter Magnetic Technologies

In global industry there is a need for the accurate, repeatable and reliable measurement of linear and rotary motion and position. This includes needs in the fields of aerospace, oil and gas exploration and production, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive, military, medical and other industries. Continue reading