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Spontaneous Thoughts: A Rare Earth Industrial Policy for the US

By Dr. Stan Trout | Spontaneous Materials
As a regular follower of comments about rare earths on LinkedIn, one of the more puzzling things I find is the occasional call for a US policy on rare earths. One common theme is: rare earths are used for military purposes and they overwhelmingly come from China, therefore we must do something to avoid any interruption in supply, even temporarily. An alternate theme is to show a forecast for the strong growth of a specific application like electric vehicles and claim that there will not be enough neodymium or dysprosium to fulfill the ultimate demand. Continue reading

Dysprosium 2.0

By Stan Trout, Spontaneous Materials

A little over five years ago I wrote a column called Dysprosium 2.0. Element number 66 has been in focus lately due to some forecasts about availability in light of some new applications. Adamas predicts a 30% shortage of Dy by 2025. It seems like an appropriate time to look at the situation again. Continue reading

The Changing Landscape of Electric Motor Efficiency Standards

Steve Constantinides, Principal Consultant | Magnetics & Materials, LLC

I was surprised to learn the extent of activity around motor efficiency improvement and the related new or updated standards. The following article should be considered an introduction to the topic. Many useful documents with links are shown in the references for those who wish to pursue the subject further. Continue reading

Balance and Training

Stan Trout, Spontaneous Materials
It was nice to see so many people at Magnetics 2018 in Orlando last month. It was a very pleasant exchange of ideas and information. We all seemed to get plenty of exercise, walking through the Hyatt Regency to our meeting rooms.

I had the good fortune on the first day to be part of the Keynote Panel Discussion called The Future of the Magnetics Industry Pricing, Trends, Technology. I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of the answers I provided to questions posed to the panel. Continue reading

Premier Magnetics Transformers Meet PoE, PoE+ and UPoE Power Specs

Premier Magnetics has introduced its expanded line of transformers designed to support the full range of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications from IEEE 802.3af (15.4 W, max), IEEE 802.3at (30 W), Cisco UPoE and other higher-power PoE extensions up to 60 W. The low-profile, surface-mount devices operate over a wide frequency range, provide high isolation (1,500 V) and are available in forward and flyback topologies. These transformers are designed for use with power management integrated circuits (PMICs) from major manufacturers including Akros Silicon, Texas Instruments and Broadcom for application in both Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and PoE Powered Devices (PD). In addition, many of these parts are direct cross-reference with Pulse Electronics and CoilCraft devices.

Premier Magnetics PoE transformers are offered in two series: the EP Series (3W to 27W) and the EFD15 Series (1W to 60W). In addition to an extensive range of standard parts, custom designs are also available for each series.

“The range of applications for PoE has dramatically expanded to include phones, remote video cameras and even large high-definition displays,” said Jim Earley, president of Premier Magnetics. “Our engineering expertise, responsive manufacturing and quality assurance program offer our customers the flexibility they need to bring new designs to market quickly.”


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